POEM: RAINBOW WINGS by Sylvia Ojima Agamah 



(Today, the nanty greens team celebrate with Sylvia Agamah on her birthday. This poem is written by her as she reflects on life.)


This I know

Not so long ago

Met I a butterfly

Beautifully perched on my window glass

Brought to eye a tear I dry

Every waking moment

Was time spent with my friend

The butterfly of morning light

Colours of great interest

So fragile; so magnificent

Enchanted butterfly!

What stories you tell

On your rainbow wings –

A crawly caterpillar

To a stagnant pupa

Now an aerodynamic spell

Your flutters; gust of life

You are me –

A reflection of change

Sylvia Ojima Agamah is a brand management expert based in Abuja.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!!! Thank you, Feyi. Thanks to the Nanty Greens Creative team. A word to every reader out there is that change is a good thing…good or bad. Change prepares us all for a grander phase ahead. Whether you are in the crawly caterpillar stage or stagnant pupa stage, a gorgeous butterfly will emerge out of you. Thanks for the birthday wishes. God bless you all!

  • nanty greens

    We are delighted to have you on the blog. Do invite friends and acquaintances; the blog is open to everyone. Thanks Sylvia