by Titilope Alake
I want to be a beautiful birdnightingale
Odidere and its flashing wonders
With its garments of bright colours
Then I shall call a show in the Sun
And invite all other birds to the contest
And Okin
Okin with its feathers of pride
And Ogongo
Ogongo and its long feet
And Adaba
Adaba and its white clothe of serenity
And Kowe
Kowe the talkative bird
I shall arraign them in a contest
The most vibrant nightingale will get the prize
And other birds shall serve your bird
And Odidere sets the mark
For other birds to run
And Ogongo led the race
Passing a mile in a go
And Okin waddled pass
Leaving its mark of beauty on the track
And Kowe flew in thick wings
Breaking the pole with beak so saucy
And Adaba came last
Singing as she flew
And her gentle steps were tingling
And her voice was sonorously charming
And every other bird was glued to their feet
For hours Adaba travelled on in gentle gait
And other birds listened to the grace of her voice
And her charm enrapped them
And Adaba won the race
Without struggle
Without sweats
And her song won the show
And the Sun shown in illuminating brightness
And the winning prize goes to you….
And we shall still sing
Even in the Sun
And the heavens shall hear
And kill the hotness of the Sun
And together we shall perch and forget the hotness of the world
In the green grasses we shall sit
And sing you a mellow  

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  1. The aura of the poem is simple yet captivating like the song of the Adaba bird herself. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Reminds one of the sweet-tooth days of "Tales by Moonlight".

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