Love stars
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The theories of love are probably too difficult especially when it comes to relationship or I am just that dumb. People make it seems like a perfect eye that sees…More

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Truth be told; we always wait for things to get to a breaking point before we act in this country. The menace of the NYSC is not a new thing.…More

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The offer in my last post is still on,at least for those in the geographical zone that won't see 21st until almost 24 hours to come. Thanks for your cooperation.…More

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To whom it concerns It has certainly come to my notice that many of you have been preparing for the coming of the son of God which I learned in…More

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Say she doesn't understand my poetry the rhyme scheme it seems bled out of the pen so I made out with spoken words sweet and fresh out like juice from…More

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Jam packed loggerhead rumbled tumultous echoes of dreams wailing yelling hooting in their different colours corners owners hustling,bustling rustling,wrestling down the streets hits,defeat in heat… to eatMore

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I feel the pain and see you with nothing to sustain but this plate chain handed down… I see you roam the streets belly empty,head hollow but a song rolling…More

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I am the one who you seek in your soul but can't find I am the one who knocks on the invisible door of your heart. You desire,require;inquire about. I…More