24 Hours



Twenty four hours…… 
Of passion and pain
Moments of peace and times I almost run insane
Twenty four hours….
Patiently I wait for day to pass the baton to night
Twenty four hours…..
Close to my dreams 
And yet the devil remains on my seams
Twenty four hours of being lost in my world….
Yet in touch with everything around me!



Twenty four hours….
Of being spun round on a carousel 
Twenty four hours….
Of moments flashing in vivid colors
…… Fading into hues of shadowy grey
Twenty four hours…..
I wait as a colorful daybreak
Weakens to a bleached out dusk
Twenty four hours…
I sit in an enchanted silence
Waiting for this black and grey night
To crash into a colourful daybreak!
Twenty four hours, it just strolls by

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