My mind’s been pilfered

Whom shall I tell?
These thoughts are not mine
Shall I scream?
Alien memories in my head
So terrible; this invasion…
Shall I yell?
Foreign words on my tongue
Whose dream do I dream?
Betrayed, used, abused
Vulnerable, self-hating
wet and naked
minding absent mind
I feel exactly like a used condom



How do I reclaim my mind?
I forget what brand it is…
If these thoughts are not mine
Then, this is not me
Where am i?
Have I lost my mind?
No…no, it’s been stolen
Sucked easy away as pollen
Vulgar images stroke this mind’s eye
It’s not the right fit; this mind
Too loose a mind it is
Shall I lose it?
Yet, if I do…
What mind shall I mind with?


Jig-saw of complete thoughts. Sea of emotions, each tidal wave; spewing form. In this world of haves and have nuts, I chose the latter.

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