Alone in a Crowd

I am surrounded by so many people… Some of them familiar
So much noise. Such happy chatter and cherry smiles
Eager conversations swirling from down the isle
Soft giggles coming from the group across the lawn
A lot going on around me
A cherry "Hello" here
A few hugs there
A pat on the back from Mr Obnoxious

A wink from the bearded octogenarian
Everyone's talking at once
No one even stops to listen to my silent screams
They don't even hear it from my rapid fire speech
This is what I look like today
"A pretty face with huge headphones"
Too afraid to come out of the fortitude the headphones represent
A strategy of avoiding confrontations
My smile a smoke screen over my heart's tears
How come they can't see the huge glowing neon sign over my head?
"Help! I am alone in this huge crowd"
I am lost on this familiar route!
Scared of what I've seen and what's to come.
I know that I should be brave…
Even PRETTY can be seen by the blind
Though in the midst of this all seeing crowd
I stand alone…
It's funny most days how in the midst of such a huge multitude
I still feel alone in this crowd!

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