(this has previously been posted on the blog. It's another christmas season, let's enjoy it.)


Dis-ember; I love

sing the seven days of Christmas

merry with friends and families.

Dis-ember; I know the gain of laborious days toiled.

Dis-ember; I see cocoons turn into butterflies

spread wings, rise to decorate the sky

noticed the movement of time even as it flies.


Dis-ember; I meet her

beautifully adorned in the skin of nature

from her chest full of milk and honey

I drink eternity.

Dis-ember; she is my Santa Claus

to me she bestow her precious gift

the son of man.

She is, as was, holy mother.


Dis-ember; mon chère

in the cold night of rhapsodic enchantment

she stealthily crawls into my embrace.

We joined our twisted fate.

Our complication romance

in the fiery of its nature.

Dis-ember; we sit and savour

the scent of our glowing ember of love.

Dis-ember she is.

Capturing this journey called Life in text, frames...

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