Faithful Thieves



The peace of Naija has metamorphosed 
Into a masquerade dancing to the
Of calamity and chaos
The faithful thieves kept digging
mother earth 
Until the huge blood bank
Of helpless human souls
Are ever silenced in the grave 
Of injustice and persecution
They have driven blood thirsty
To dump victimised bones
Into your virgin womb
These thieves live with pleasure
and swallow Naija’s treasure
The faithful thieves enjoy the
Of evil exuberance
While the premature poor endure the
Of squalor and deprivation
Faithful thieves! Your intestines
are filled with maggots
Your mouths release the venom 
Of honest lies
Your heads are jam-packed with
snakes and scorpions
We know that ‘you’ are too faithful
to be pure
Now, the poor souls are lost in the
outer darkness  
Of misery and mystery
But O ye faithful thieves remain ever fruitful
in fashionable theft
And build houses of hopeless
Yet the gravity of depression 
Keeps pulling the poor 
to the endless journey
Into the heart of the heartless
Slow down faithful thieves! Slow down!
We know that you are ever faithful 
In driving the vehicle of Naija’s peace 
Into the dungeon of doom
You masterminded the sacrifice
Of the dignity and identity of the
To the goddess of penury and

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