M & M – A Poem by Uzuazo Onwah



An Ode to M, postmortem.

Just to be safe I'll call you M.

We met last night in the dim light

Of one minuscle candlelight.

I thought I'd seen your face before,

But, like I said, the light was poor.

So I turned 'round and looked away,

And let my wandering mind stray.

But you knew who I was, didn't you?

When, from the blue, as if on cue

You whispered gently in my ear

And vanished before I could hear.

You made me look around with fear

As your loud silence filled the air.

So, in deepened gloom, thanks to you,

I lowered my eyes, feeling blue.

But that was when you showed again

And made me bite my lip in pain.

I tried to hold you in my arm

But you thought I was out for harm.

Quickly you shifted to my left,

And so began our conga weft,

Me following, you in the lead.

You enjoyed it, I know you did,

You enjoyed it like a spoilt kid

Would enjoy messing with her feed.

To make it worse, from your pursed lips

You let that annoying song slip.

And so, as we waltzed to and fro

I got tired and let you go.

But as I sat down, overworked,

You made me cry out, "What the- ", shocked.

And that was when I slapped your face,

Spattering blood around the place.

"See, your bad blood has stained my shirt

"You itsy-bitsy piece of dirt.

"Imagine what you've made me do!!",

I blurted like a crazy Jew.

You didn't respond as I glared,

That was when I knew you were dead.

Look what you've done, you silly one,

I lost my temper, now you're gone,

I never really knew your name

Now we've ended our silly game.

You thought I wanted to harm you

But you were wrong, I wish you knew.

Go find your sisters, let them know

I'll always KILL a mosquito!!!



Uzuazo Onwah also writes for www.onwahuzuazo.blogspot.com
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