My Silent Outcry


by Omolola Sanusi


As I sat under this cloud of misery
I concluded the world must listen
to my silent outcry
and feel my heartfelt pain
I sailed here with wishes and dreams
I only craved for freedom and liberty
yet these witches would not allow my dreams to rest
yes! THEY strive to rest my dreams in piece
I shun the knock of penury on my door
yet the shadows of jealousy beclouds me
has it become a crime to crave for freedom?
This twin brothers would not allow me rest-
corruption and injustice!

What crime have I commmited to deserve this victimization?
You made my hopes develop
legs like the grasshopper
my hopes have hopped
to the world beyond.
May the mothers that birthed these twin
never cease their menstrual flow.
May the fathers that helped bring forth these TWO
never stop ejaculating misery till eternity
THEY murdered my hopes
and mothered my insanity
THEY gagged my memories of joy
Until then,……
I shall tarry to the world beyond
I shall cross the river of oppression
and sleep in piece


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