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from different poets in Nigeria and around the world. Read inspiring poems from contributing Poets to inspire you.
We publish not only contemporary Nigerian poets but also African poets and their poetry.

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Grief in your room,the haemorrhage puts you to your knees you bleed for all the things that will never return:your virginity, your sanity – the ones your uncle erased.your phone…More

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YOU KNOW A MAN WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT BY HOW OFTEN HE APOLOGISES I want no boxing lover my sister loves to hum       I love you     is     the run(a)way…More

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Was it the way the wind called your name; in whispers,Soft and soothing,Serenading you with rhythms you loved to hear?Or was it the ancestral beats resonating from history;Tales of brave…More

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two poets and a pineapple so they took their love down to the oceanand washed it salty cleantheir love was like the pineapplethat always stayed green  “if we cleanse it…More

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When your mother returns Every day when your mother returns from the market It was you who welcomes her at the doorand she would have a smile for you. It…More

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1. ghazal for the ghastly going“I am not cruel, only truthful.” – Sylvia Plath I’ll take your love in rations: this portion will last ’til June,when my leaves turn brown…More

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Aririọ Kwuteli Here will I submit my supplication to Ala. O Ala! I know you are benevolent.You give children abundantly like rain and watch them grow like the akpu farms…More

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