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from different poets in Nigeria and around the world. Read inspiring poems from contributing Poets to inspire you.
We publish not only contemporary Nigerian poets but also African poets and their poetry.

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Wearing a Body In inheriting clothes from my mother,I have begun to wear her body;In wearing her body,I have begun to unravel parts of me thatcarry questions I cannot form…More

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Prints prints are … left overs of dreamslike spittle in the mouth after an unsavoury meal or remnant meatstuck stubbornly in the crawprints are … dust that swirls but never…More

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Scattered Verses of My Letter to God iii. I remember the day you died,It was the same evening pa lost his name.We called him a body.The sky stained himself with…More

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Survival i the therapist saysfather can only surviveby chewing cold breezefrom machines breathing inside walls.yet i wonder why his face burns with flamesthat shot so high they even burn the…More

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Awo OlugbebeConversations with Tope Mark The stretched handsfolded fingers into a collectivethat birthed my great-grandfatherCannot be refusedIt is like a witness to anger in the presence of the oldBut here…More

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Bewilderedness there are days you wander in between trunks of trees in the darkest forest imbedded in your veins. you wished plucking your two lens out of their sockets; wanting…More

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Upon the Still Waters of the Niger, I Wrote This i am trapped in an influx of gaseous watersa rhythmic trombone writhes me into transparency& glow is a myth, so…More

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