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Poetry 1

by Uzuazo Onwah (@OUzuazo) If only I could tell The future very well; Where these footsteps will lead, What’s the fruit of this seed; If I could understand The complicated strand;…More

Poetry 0

My mind’s been pilfered Whom shall I tell? These thoughts are not mine Shall I scream? Alien memories in my head So terrible; this invasion… Shall I yell? Foreign words…More

Poetry 1

Twenty four hours…… Of passion and pain Moments of peace and times I almost run insane Twenty four hours…. Patiently I wait for day to pass the baton to night Twenty four…More

Poetry 3

  ….Like                 I want you To be my sun – Shining through the darkest of nights My moon – light on my path That cool breeze after the rain…More

Poetry 0

It’s my heart’s desire To be the kind of friend you require To stand by you when all have fled With me you’ll never be misled I’ll speak those…More

Poetry 1

FOR JUMOKE VERISSIMO [/caption] (Memories are many on these lanes) In silence I heard your raging voice Tramp-ling down Cursed elders In the lineage of our Shattered histories In…More

Poetry 8

"My God," She sighed and raised her head, "The early bird is still unfed." In great despair, with silent cries She bowed her head and wiped her eyes. Her…More

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“Man was born free and he is everywhere in chains…” – Jean Jacques Rousseau (1762) The maxim above reads deliciously on paper and rolls even better…More