Never Fall In Love


by @daireenonline


Never fall in love, so said the sage to me
Tis only fools that play in the arena of emotions
Where darkness abounds and loneliness preys
Never, said he, be taken with the comeliness of a fair maiden.


So I strove his mandate to keep
Battling daily this war to win
The spasmic bouts my tongue endures
The seismic shocks my heart weathers
When this angelic sylph passes by
Oblivious to the pangs she arouses.


His counsels I hopelessly fail
My feet drags in shame
For I had withstood cupid and lasted a moment
And then captive, the child had made me
So I returned me to the sage
His wisdom, my freedom from this entanglement
A shocker rudely awakens
Even the sage was not immune
As the arrow his heart had pierced


Destroyed without a fight left in me
I submit in humble surrender
Twas then another dimension opened
Though fools be them that fall in love
The gentle touch of a lady matures him
Her smile uplifts him above the vicissitudes he encounters
And so it dawns,
Though the sage counselled against love
Even he had no defence
For love… It is the best feeling…

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