rejection - nantygreens
In yesterday's crowd you stopped my heart's hurried pace.
Through all that chaos you made mine a distinct face.
The thoughts in your head echoed mine like a town crier's gong.
My emotions you said filled you like harmattan breeze in your lungs.
From across the room I felt we made a pact.
Holding on to your smiles as a testament to that fact.
I felt your heart beat in tandem to mine – a connection beyond mere friendship.
My wayward heart rejoined in such a fellowship.
That's when I turned and looked behind me.
To realise it's not me you see.
I had been a sweet nothing…
A stranger in your lovers line of view.
In my heart we had been a big something.
But right before my eyes you show me I'm a significant Nothing!
I stare blindly at a starless sky
Wondering why you ever made me cry
The pain won't have been hidden if you just looked into my heart
Instead your gaze took another path
When our eyes met, I thought you'd see
That from you I did not want to be free
My only anesthetic was you not knowing the feelings I had to hide
Relief came when I thought you would always be by my side
When you held your hands out towards me
I jumped into them convinced we were meant to be
Then I hit the dirt fact first
I had missed your embrace by a hairs breathe
Realized that I had been a significant nothing
Just standing in for your important something.
*** It's been a long while I did any writing so guess this sucks. But I had to do this cause I've carried this feelings around for days. I'm writing this for that my particular friend who showed me not quite a few days ago that I was a significant Nothing! Though he will always be my peculiar friend cos I've got nothing against him but I'm glad he showed me that I can't always be an important 'Something' in everyone's life***

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