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by Titilope Alake I want to be a beautiful bird Precisely..Odidere Odidere and its flashing wonders With its garments of bright colours Then I shall call a show…More

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The World is a cold Hard spinning globe Indifferent to tears If it would stop, just once Then, I’d know it cares Life must go on Yes, but…More

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Naked Woman, Black Woman Charcoal-coloured mid-wife of the newborn sun; Symphonic spumes of cuenza rippling on the eyeballs of crocodiles And the adder of tropical rainforest at the banquet…More

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Two rainbows at a time?! I would definitely love to see a double rainbow. Check SFGate images for more as it happened in San Francisco.  Photo by Scott SchillerMore

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by @daireenonline Never fall in love, so said the sage to me Tis only fools that play in the arena of emotions Where darkness abounds and loneliness preys Never,…More

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The peace of Naija has metamorphosed Into a masquerade dancing to the drumbeats Of calamity and chaos The faithful thieves kept digging mother earth Until the huge blood bank…More

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Life is a race,

never to be erased.

Life is a journey,

filled with bitter and honey.

It is a scripture packed with load’s of picture.

It is a bus driving down the road to our future..

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"My God," She sighed and raised her head, "The early bird is still unfed." In great despair, with silent cries She bowed her head and wiped her eyes. Her…More