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The peace of Naija has metamorphosed Into a masquerade dancing to the drumbeats Of calamity and chaos The faithful thieves kept digging mother earth Until the huge blood bank…More

Poetry 1

by Uzuazo Onwah (@OUzuazo) If only I could tell The future very well; Where these footsteps will lead, What’s the fruit of this seed; If I could understand The complicated strand;…More

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My mind’s been pilfered Whom shall I tell? These thoughts are not mine Shall I scream? Alien memories in my head So terrible; this invasion… Shall I yell? Foreign words…More

charcoal by Godwin Adesoye
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Charcoal an exhibition of paintings by Godwin Adesoye aims to ‘Revolutionise’ the medium and challenge the audiences perspective regarding the traditional use of charcoal in art.  The exhibition presents an…More