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from different poets in Nigeria and around the world. Read inspiring poems from contributing Poets to inspire you.
We publish not only contemporary Nigerian poets but also African poets and their poetry.

Love stars
Poetry 5

Can we sing the lullabies as we sail down River Memory; tickle the armpit of Venus, play like baby’s first day out ride the arch of rainbow splashing its colors.…More

Poetry 0

When belly goes Choir everyday how does a man think free? To chomp – begs on another’s mercy How will he wheel his will? Auction the soul goes…More

Poetry 0

In my head butterflies sing of birth reality snaps it to a stillbirth. 9 months in belly, few seconds to life ousted its verve. God! They infiltrate dreams; to a…More

Poetry 1

Belly crys,head aches a jobless tomorrow,no pay… grateful am alive;how do I survive? These ideas these ideals  …will light a fire will spark the glow,tomorrow. Hope, faith owed to time wanes.More

Poetry 0

Say she doesn't understand my poetry the rhyme scheme it seems bled out of the pen so I made out with spoken words sweet and fresh out like juice from…More