@Ekute_ile’s Weltanschaunng!: Fela Like Water, No Get Enemy


by Ekute ile

This photograph was not taken in Nigeria…neither anywhere in Africa.

Here's the story : I was out with my cousin having our usual late night stroll when we both stumbled upon this signage. You can imagine our reaction as Nigerians on seeing the great Nigerian legend's name up there and so we moved closer to look properly and clear any doubts that we saw something else. My camera wasn't with me that night, so I came back the following day to take some shots and I went further by going into the store [the Docu Researcher instinct in me]to do a little bit of probing, expecting to see a Nigerian behind the store but alas,it wasn't to be so.

This shop-owner told me about his love for "the greatest African ever" [in his own words]and decided to immortalize him in his own little way by naming his convenience/ magazine store after Fela Kuti. And yes, this picture was taken in Brussels…..and the shop-owner is a Belgian man.

P.S Expect to see a Short Docu Film on this when my research is done….weltanschauung!

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