Gathering Cloud by Yomi Edward 



Araba, What are you still doing out there, unmoved?
Are your ears so muffled that you cannot hear the river roar?
It is approaching…
Won’t your sense dialogue with your feet?
Sounds of grumbling clouds…
Mothers calling out aloud
Fowls running home to roost
On whomever this torrent sees It beats…
In haste
We must all
A shelter seek

This gathering storm
Shall unseat stubborn caps
The anus of the wandering goloba
Shall it unmask in full glare…
Tell that alakori ojelu
No shelter shall shield his unfortunate head
He should have thought it well
Before he shot the arrow
That punctured the sun…
Like the lazy man’s corpse
These torrents shall unearth his ugly past…

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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