Gone, Not Forgotten




First kisses could be sloppy
Wet and harried like new born puppies
Bittersweet, yet lovely
Once tasted, forever remembered
Lives not more than fleeting seconds
A meeting of flesh that quickens heartbeat;
What best explains the word ‘excitement’?
The pink towel springs and thrusts
So bold a thing, it explores
Deep and deeper, in and out
Journey it through creeks and valleys
But in the end, it’s all the same
Hot humid air ends the game

P.S One of my very first documented poems written when imagination was all I had
for company. Always planned to publish it on a valentine’s day but sometimes things
don’t go the way you plan them. So, this pretty thing has been gathering dust in my
archives (I kid myself, lol!) for 9 years or thereabouts. Hope you loved it? Have a
‘love-ly’ val’s day *winks*.


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