Snippets; Nice Guys And The Finish Line









She had eyes that seemed to say “come and do”. A voice that suggested “a bedroom meeting” and a body (OMG) that screamed “Take me now”.

I sighted her the minute I got to the bus stop and was instantly assailed by her fragrance which constantly chorused into my ears “say something, do something…” I wanted to do something and lots of other things to her but how?

The bus I’d been waiting for arrived and I got in, cursing my bad-luck at having lost her. To my sweetest surprise, she got in (I remember every cat-walking moment of it) and sat right next to me, our bodies touching. The exposed outer skin of my arm touching hers, my concealed thighs touching hers and so on till fade. I was in heaven. Who wouldn't be?

I had my second chance and I had to do/say something. Er… what would I say? I had fluid visions of all the witty things I said to her ending with her giving me the GTFOH look. So I kept mum, investing myself in the dull scenery of a Lagos I’d gotten used to seeing every day. There was the 3MB; with dirty water and its pungent sea smell… the water people in their canoes… slow moving traffic on the bridge itself. Boring? yes.

My thoughts were having another kind of traffic. The loser in me was telling me “oh, come off this pity-party, a chick as gorgeous as this?! C’mon! She’s either married or has a BF

I stole a look at her ring finger. No ring. My heart swelled. “Maybe, she’s not just wearing it today. Some of them do that, you know. Whatever, I still maintain she has a BF” said the loser in me. Heart deflated again.

“What if she has a BF? What if she’s married? What if she’s has kids and has grandchildren? Bros, abeg, na chick be this, na you be this, side by side. Follow am talk, haba!” That was the badoo in me vexing. I could tell because he was already delving into patois.

I was torn. Shyness is a paralytic disease really and I had a 'gene-ful of it'. It was while I was still thinking of something intelligible to say to her that I became aware she was looking at me.

Do you?” she repeated apparently having said something to me earlier.
Do I?” I answered sounding stupid to my own ears.

I mean, do you have change?” She asked again.

Ye-yes, I-I have. I have

“Calm down and stop stuttering like an angry stammerer bros” badoo said to me.
I gave her my bus fare and our fingers brushed slightly but it was enough for me. Ahhhhh! (Insert drooling smiley here please).

I had the opportunity to see what phone she had in her bag that moment. She had a BB and a tablet I couldn't quite get the brand. But that info was enough. I use an android but I had BBM installed, if I could get her pin or number then I could follow up on either BBM or WHATSAPP.

”Conductor, Lekki” That was all she said but it was all she needed to say to break my heart.

I was going way further and I hadn’t said anything meaningful to her talk less of getting to follow up.

“You see your life?” badoo asked of me.

I watched her gingerly alight at her stop; her every movement of that agonizing moment forever ingrained in my ultra 3D memory… nice guys finish last, I thought.

This wasn't the first time I’d been through this and it might not be the last…because I am a nice, ‘shy' guy.

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Jig-saw of complete thoughts. Sea of emotions, each tidal wave; spewing form. In this world of haves and have nuts, I chose the latter.

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